Town and Cultural Center_

university work_Ledeč nad Sázavou, CZ.


Ledeč nad Sázavou is a typical bohemian town not very far away from Prague. This town has like most of Czech towns its main square, its castle and its river which goes through it, and of course has its own Sokol, emblematic Czech sport organization that existed all across the country. Unfortunately the Ledeč Sokol building is not suitable anymore for the town needs. For this reason the town representatives decide to create a new and different building that will contain a small cultural center and a hall that can receive different events, like theaters, concerts and balls.

Studying the actual building we easily realize that the building suffered a lot of changes during the years. New windows were opened, small extensions for stairs and rooms were built and the outside ground was modified. All this changes transformed the original building into a chaotic one, both as in its form and as in its organization. Consequently, in a first step we undertake the “cleaning” of the building and try to create a clearer and simpler form. But even though, we have to understand that nowadays, this building makes part of the memory of its inhabitants, and we cannot just destroy it.

A new bigger hall with better acoustic system is requested in the program for the new cultural center, because the actual one does not respond to these needs. Having in mind that the actual hall is the heart of the building because is where all the events take place, and trying to keep this centrality, we requalify the hall giving it a new use which keeps the idea of the main space of the building. This requalification consists in converting the old hall into a courtyard by taking off the roof, which will organize all the circulations of the new building and also will be the main entrance. Not forgetting that we are in a very cold country, the circulation can be always done indoor.

A new element is added to the actual building which will contain the new hall. This hall will carry out all the requirements, bigger capacity, better acoustic, more versatile, etc.

This new robust element, made in concrete and possibly covered with the local stone, softly rises from its base creating underneath a foyer of reception to the big hall upstairs. This foyer will have also the possibility to be used as a space for small activities or even as a small hall. This semi underground space will be completely visually opened to the exterior.

Behind this new building we did not want to leave an empty space but create a public garden for the town that also works as secondary access that leads you directly to the cafeteria.

So, trying to keep the main ideas of the old building we try to create a more versatile space with two halls and the possibility of using the courtyard as a third one in the summer. This project’s main concern is to fit itself on the urban structure of Ledeč nad Sázavou town, not only through a style that fits the urban landscape but equally through a design totally current and contemporary that uses materials commonly found on the region.