Elderly Center_

university work_Křižanov, CZ.

Elderly house in Krizanov

The castle that overlooks the city, the church of the saint Václavade on the center in emblematic Moravian style, such as the houses with the typical southern façades, turns Krizanov into a small town originally from Vysozina region. This city has an architectural development very similar to most of the southern Czech Republic’s cities. Being a town originally mercantile it evolved around two big squares, used mainly as commercial areas.

With the city’s development and its expansion the diversified architectural constructions that started to show up spread themselves, giving birth to a constructive system that was generally maintained all around town. This new system is characterized through the construction of the main façades facing and next to the roads creating on the streets’ satellite view a continuous surface of small houses rarely higher than two-storey. On the backyard it’s usually maintained a large green area used for small homemade agriculture, these areas extend themselves until the next street. In its majority, the houses are built on the edges of these blocks.

The chosen target area is located south of Krizanov, this place’s blocks are mainly huge extensions that go from one street to another maintaining constructions only on its edges. On the area chosen for this project is located the current house for elders. It’s a long land block over one hundred meters long and a bit less than twenty five meters wide. Closed up north between two pre-existing buildings and closed down south on the expansion area where new constructions are coming up, mostly single family houses.

The project evolves into two distinct functional cores, trying this way to maintain a system similar to the one mentioned above. The first body draws itself north of the land block, fit into the urban mesh, it’s more connected to the city and the public area, in it, and all social and playful activities required for the program are put on course. The second body stands out on the other edge, more reserved; it occupies the project’s most intimate area, the bedrooms. Trying to offer the biggest privacy to the residents both volumes are totally closed to the outside receiving daylight only through courtyards and large openings facing the garden.
In order to connect these two buildings it was necessary to build a passage way. Honestly willing to preserve the green belt strongly stood out, it was decided to turn the passage way into a subterranean one to more obviously allow that need of fluidity clearly present in this place. Middle way through the tunnel we face a courtyard that does not only induces light in the passage way but also gives access to a small gymnasium or physical rehab room. That tunnel is equally lighted by big skylights. Drawn with wide accesses and rise ups through soft ramps, the whole building is designed for people with large movement difficulties.

This project’s main concern is to fit itself on the urban structure of Krizanov’s town, not only through a style that fits the urban landscape but equally through a design totally current and contemporary that uses materials commonly found on the region such as copper and wood.